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Pool Cleaning Nets

It is no question that keeping debris out of your pool is a pain. Daily skimming is vital part of pool maintenance that ensures it lasts as long as possible and maintains the same level of beauty and clarity that makes it gorgeous. A major thing that can affect its beauty is debris. Having leaves, bugs, grass clippings, twigs, and other small objects floating at the top or in the middle of the water will make it feel dirty, especially when the water is clear enough to see everything.

Skimming the bits out with a pool net is no secret, but it is also a pain to deal with. Getting the debris into the net can be difficult with the wrong skimmer, and cheap products will rip and tear easily. You need high-quality skimmer nets that make this chore as easy as sitting in a lazy river. Stingray Nets has a vast catalog guaranteed to have the product that fits your needs. Order yours today!

Stingray Pool Nets

 Stingray Pool Nets

Types Of Pool Nets

Most people are only familiar with the most common pool skimmer net: a simple square with rounded edges and a tight or loose bag in the middle. However, one can use a wide variety of nets, each using different materials, shapes, and net sizes to fit an individual’s needs. We have outlined some of the most common materials and alterations that nets can have below so that you can learn which would suit your needs best.

Fine Mesh Pool Nets 

A difference between fine mesh pool net bags and regular fabric is the size of debris that can get through the bag. The finer the mesh, the smaller the bits can be caught. Standard mesh still works great, but your skimmer needs to be finer if you live in an area with a lot of extremely fine debris.

Lip Material

Most net lips are made of either plastic or metal. This is because some pools use different materials, and the net’s frame could scratch or damage the bottom and sides of your pool. Some net frames can also be rubber-tipped, ensuring that skimming the water will not cause damage to fiberglass or vinyl swimming pools.

Spa Nets

While spas usually remain covered for most of the year, skimming it before use ensures crystal-clear water and nothing floats around while you try to relax. When designed for hot tubs, they are generally smaller, with a fine mesh bag to catch even the tiniest debris to ensure the pool water is clean and ready for you to enjoy.

Stingray Nets

Making Pool Skimming Maintenance Easy

Stingray Nets wants to help make your pool and hot tub as clean as possible. Our wide variety of products has everything you need, including a patented lever-lock pole to make your job even easier, from small, flat skimmers to wide nets that help you catch every bit of debris. We also have replacement bags and lips, so you only need to replace part of the net. For the net that will make maintenance quick and easy, order your Stingray products today!