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Pool Poles

Having a pool in your home’s yard means doing the work to maintain its beauty. Both above ground and ground pools need consistent chemicals and cleaning to keep the water crystal clear. When debris and dirt fall in, having the right tools to get them out is key to making the job quick and painless.

Having a robotic pool vacuum or hiring pool cleaners may help, but you still need to perform routine maintenance whenever you get in the water. While skimmer nets are integral in this process, a part that many don’t realize is essential is the pole itself. Your maintenance will be challenging and time-consuming without a good rod.

Stingray Lever-Lock Pole

What Makes A Good Pool Pole?

Many different aspects make an excellent cleaning pole. From weight to structural integrity, getting a pole that fulfills your needs is critical to making maintenance a breeze. We’ve outlined some of the major features that will affect how well this tool works below:


How easily you can use a tool is directly affected by its weight. The heavier a tool is, the more difficult it is to lift. Getting a lighter tool will affect how easily you can lift the debris out of the pool, and will be directly affected by the material used. Stainless steel rods will be heavier, while aluminum poles will be much easier to lift.

Structural Integrity

The last thing you want is for it to fill up with water while using it. This is an issue that many people face with these tools, however. You shouldn’t have to empty water from your pole whenever it picks up a piece of debris from your pool. Ensuring the structural integrity of it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Ease Of Use

The most important part of this tool is its ability to extend and retract to reach every part of the water. Many use a telescopic pole locking system, where you twist to lock the length in place, but they often catch, lock, or slip. Finding a bar that limits these occurrences will cut the time and headache you get from performing routine maintenance.

Stingray Net’s Patented Lever Lock Pole

Getting a tool that works for you is key to an easy time while performing routine maintenance. Luckily, Stingray Nets has an incredible product perfect for your cleaning needs. Whether you’re a business or looking for tools to maintain your home’s pool, look no further than Stingray’s lever lock pole!

The lever lock system is designed carefully to ensure your job cleaning your pool is as quick and painless as possible. The lever lock system will ensure your it does not catch or slip while using it. It’s also carefully designed to keep all water out of the inner chamber, saving you time. Also, if your lever-lock system breaks or jams, we sell parts that will replace the system without having to throw out the whole rod. Order your very own professional-level cleaning equipment today!

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